Wednesday, 27 August 2014

ActRaiser - Kusagari appears on 5 Years of Paradise Lost : B Sides LP

5 Years of Paradise Lost : B Sides LP

For those of you who enjoy deep, dark Dubstep / Future Garage music, be sure to check out this brand new LP from Paradise Lost. It's a collection of the best B-Sides from the last 5 years and features my 'Kusagari' tune - one of my personal favourite dubstep tunes that I made during my 140bpm phase. Listening to it again now is inspiring me. Maybe I will produce some more material like this soon!

If you like  'Kusagari', then you can find it on my 'Survival Horror' EP, with similiar material on my 'Tiger Road' EP on Gradient Audio!

Purchase it here :

Other Dubstep / Future Garage from me:

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