Thursday, 31 July 2014

Altima EP (Fokuz Recordings) OUT NOW

ActRaiser - Altima EP 

A. Altima
B. Homeward Bound
C. Candelabra
D. Hurt Me So (Soligen & Type-2 Remix)

(FOKUZ 13050)

Release date : 30th June 2014

Junodownload Review :

UK-based producer Actraiser blends his frenetic, complex style to beautiful liquid backdrops in this stunning EP for Fokuz. Luckily, he's perfectly adept at blending both his high-energy beat-chopping and glorious, otherworldly harmonies, so the result throughout each track is pretty amazing. Sparkling with fresh, spritzy production and underpinned by deep rumbles of soft, velvety bass, there's textures upon textures upon textures, all waiting for listeners to diver right in.

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