Friday, 29 August 2014

ActRaiser - Full Moon (New Blood 014 LP) Debut Medschool Release

Track : ActRaiser - Full Moon 

Album : New Blood 014 LP

Label : Medschool 

Release Date : 15th September

Full tracklist:

  • Urban Dawn - Trindade
  • Monika - Thunderstruck
  • Ed:It & J:Daure - Cardinal
  • Semi Sense - Fast Days
  • Eraser - Inside
  • ActRaiser - Full Moon
  • Hidden Element - Unfurl Dissonance
  • AshJerona - You Got Me
  • Donevan Adams - Apex
  • Command Strange - Remedy
  • Whiney - Spaceman
  • Taelimb - Krux
  • Pulsaar - Anticipation
  • Microfunk Crew - Alarm Clock
  • Hidden Element - Bodola
  • Dark Soul - Raze
  • War Machine - Living Weapon
  • Himalia - Always Waiting
  • EAN - Scope
  • Subtension - Taking Care
Various Artists - New Blood 014 (Continuous Album Mix) 

Exclusive ActRaiser Interview with Medschool

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

ActRaiser - Kusagari appears on 5 Years of Paradise Lost : B Sides LP

5 Years of Paradise Lost : B Sides LP

For those of you who enjoy deep, dark Dubstep / Future Garage music, be sure to check out this brand new LP from Paradise Lost. It's a collection of the best B-Sides from the last 5 years and features my 'Kusagari' tune - one of my personal favourite dubstep tunes that I made during my 140bpm phase. Listening to it again now is inspiring me. Maybe I will produce some more material like this soon!

If you like  'Kusagari', then you can find it on my 'Survival Horror' EP, with similiar material on my 'Tiger Road' EP on Gradient Audio!

Purchase it here :

Nookie - Rebounded (ActRaiser Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD

Nookie - Rebounded (ActRaiser Remix) 

I proudly present to you a remix I did of Nookie's Rebounded track back in 2012 (if I remember correctly). Due to losing the original samples I was unable to make some adjustments and have it released on an official Nookie Remix LP compilation, so I am giving it away FREE.

You can download the full 320 track from my Soundcloud page here:


The tune is receiving big support from many well known DJs!

If you are feeling nice, be sure to like my Facebook page!

Monday, 4 August 2014

ActRaiser / Malaky / Changing Faces - Cloud Surfing EP (Fokuz Recordings) - OUT NOW

ActRaiser / Malaky / Changing Faces - Cloud Surfing EP 

A. ActRaiser - Cloud Surfing 
B. Malaky & Changing Faces - Hardest Thing
C. ActRaiser - The One That Got Away
D. Changing Faces - Morning Sun

(FOKUZ 14075)

Release date : 4th August 2014

Junodownload Review :

Three Fokuz originals take their places for a sunkissed journey through the skies. Without any more cheesy plays on words, title track "Cloud Surfing" lines itself up to bring one of the Reeces of the year. Add to that stunningly light harmonies and vocals, and it's a beautiful feel good track. The rest of the EP follows suit with a host of gorgeous tunes made for serious chill sessions. "Hardest Thing" brings in some harder drums, "The One That Got Away" gets melancholy and a little edgier with electro pads and finally "Morning Sun" steps it up for a lighthearted leap through sunnier times. Gorgeous stuff.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

ActRaiser - Fokuz Podcast #16 - download now!

ActRaiser - Fokuz Podcast #16 

To celebrate the launch of my Inner Beauty EP, not to mention an ever increasing number of releases on the excellent Fokuz Recordings, I have been asked to provide the latest podcast mix.

Podcast #16 features music by many of my favourite artists - Malaky, Changing Faces, Scott Allen, Logistics and Lenzman, and is a snapshot of what I am digging right now.

Inner Beauty EP (Celsius Recordings) OUT NOW on 12" Vinyl and Digitial Release

ActRaiser - Inner Beauty EP (CLS 036V)

A. Inner Beauty
B. Get It On
C. Road To Enlightenment
D. Cosmic Shift

CLS 036V

Release date : 28th July 2014

Junodownload Review:

Celsius mainstay Actraiser gets busy with four more prime examples of liquid perfection. "Inner Beauty" comes complete with outer beauty too, all cascading keys and Logistics style sub pressure, it's rich, warm and full bodied. "Get It On" oozes more of a classic Good Looking feel with mild ice pads, deep space laced around each drum element and a honeyed vocal sample. Dig deeper again and you'll find a cinematic quality in the choral textures of "Road To Enlightenment" and fine balance of star-gazing and roof raising on the spine-melting "Cosmic Shift". Beautiful...

Altima EP (Fokuz Recordings) OUT NOW

ActRaiser - Altima EP 

A. Altima
B. Homeward Bound
C. Candelabra
D. Hurt Me So (Soligen & Type-2 Remix)

(FOKUZ 13050)

Release date : 30th June 2014

Junodownload Review :

UK-based producer Actraiser blends his frenetic, complex style to beautiful liquid backdrops in this stunning EP for Fokuz. Luckily, he's perfectly adept at blending both his high-energy beat-chopping and glorious, otherworldly harmonies, so the result throughout each track is pretty amazing. Sparkling with fresh, spritzy production and underpinned by deep rumbles of soft, velvety bass, there's textures upon textures upon textures, all waiting for listeners to diver right in.